Required Laboratory Training


Please note the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix laboratory training policies require you to complete the General Laboratory Chemical Safety Training, located at in order to obtain access to the research laboratories.  Once you have logged into RLSS please choose the General Laboratory Chemical Safety Training under Chemical by clicking on the purple Full Course button.  When you have completed the General Laboratory Chemical Safety Training, please forward a copy of the certificate of completion to Jennifer Jeung at, and Jennifer will authorize access for you to the research laboratories.

You will need to attend a laboratory safety orientation during your first week of hire, please coordinate this training with your supervisor.   

You may also be required to take the online RLSS Biosafety Protection Course, please check with your supervisor to see if you need to take this class.  If you are required to take this class please email the Certificate of Completion to Jennifer Jeung at after completing the course.  Your P.I., as the laboratory Approval Holder, will need to register you for the course by emailing:  with the following information:

•             Legal name of individual registering for training

•             Official work email address of the trainee

•             Approval Name and Approval Number for the laboratory

Once you are registered, you will receive an email invitation from RLSS to complete the online homework assignment prior to taking the full online course. After completing this initial biosafety training, you will receive annual reminders to complete the online RLSS Biosafety Refresher course.