Recruitment & Onboarding


Looking for new talent? The HR team has developed a set of tools for guiding you through the recruitment process. Below you will find a process chart detailing the actions that must be done during a recruitment and is coded to show which tasks are done by HR, which ones are done by the Hiring Manager, and also those tasks that require cooperation between HR and the Hiring Manager. You will also find a document with details on certain steps to help guide you. As always, feel free to reach out to HR for assistance on any of these steps.  Please note: The links below require a NetID login to view. 

PDF iconRecruitment Process Chart

Successful Interviews Using the
Interview Form Powerpoint

Interview Form

Behavioral Interview
Question Bank

Quick Tips for
Applicant Review

Recruitment Record 
Keeping Guidelines

University HR Resources
for Recruitment

Onboarding is a website that specializes in creating responsive checklists. The site is primarily used for onboarding and offboarding employees. All tasks are listed and can be assigned to specific people for completion. An automatic email component allows the user to delegate tasks and see their completion in real time. For more information on using Manifestly, check out the word document below. The site can be found at the link below:

UA-Phx Account 

Word Document for Hiring Managers Using

New Employee Welcome Checklist

Manager Checklist for New Employee Onboarding and Orientation

Need New Work Space?

New Space Request- Use this form to request new space for an incoming employee, or to move an existing employee into a new spot.