Professional U Leadership Series (PULSe)

The Professional U Leadership Series (PULSe) is a professional development program designed for managers and emerging leaders on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus. This program brings formalized leadership development to our campus, providing supervisors with support, tools, and techniques to help them increase their effectiveness as a leader. 

The goals of this program are to:

  • Build a culture of continuous learning and development among leaders
  • Align leadership development with the strategic initiatives and needs of the UA College of Medicine-Phoenix
  • Develop leaders that embody our core values of collaboration, integrity, and servant leadership
  • Define excellence in leadership through accountability, engagement, and credibility

The Professional U Leadership Series (PULSe) consists of quarterly leadership development workshops. During these workshops, participants will work in peer learning groups to increase self-awareness, identify strengths and opportunities, and apply new leadership techniques.

Who should attend?

Managers and Emerging Leaders who:

  • Have direct supervisory and management responsibilities.
  • Are seeking to develop character-based leadership skills that will help develop individuals and teams to be the best that they can be at what they do.
  • Desire to build a productive culture that survives long after they have moved on.
  • Want to increase their effectiveness by becoming stronger self-leaders.

Please visit the Professional U Course Calendar to register for upcoming PULSe sessions!

This program plays a key role in fostering a culture of continuous learning and development. The benefits of participating in a leadership development program are visible in not only the skills acquired, but also in employee engagement in the workplace. The professional skill sets of our campus leaders are not only impactful in each individual career path, but also in the success of The College.

We look forward to a year filled with growth and development.