The University of Arizona is committed to providing personal and professional development opportunities for our employees. Professional U is a program designed to enhance and expand training opportunities. Our goal is to provide University of Arizona staff and leaders with resources for professional development and personal growth. Participation in professional development promotes a culture of excellence. Our goal is to foster a community of connection and life-long learning here on campus. We achieve this goal when we see employees at all levels learning from and alongside one another.

We encourage University of Arizona employees on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus to participate in Professional U in the following ways:

1. Attend upcoming sessions: Visit the course calendar and attend an upcoming professional development session.

2. Share your knowledge and consider presenting a course: Many of our employees are content experts. We invite you to host a session and share your knowledge with our campus community!

3. Managers, encourage your employees to participate in Professional U: Employees will benefit from participating in professional development. Please encourage your staff members to attend or present a course.

Professional U Testimonials