Performance Management

If you have any questions or concerns regarding performance management, you can contact us at (602) 827-2600 or

New Leader Onboarding

New leaders should be well acquainted with the resources outlined in the New Leader Onboarding Powerpoint.  This presentation contains information regarding materials, people, and training available to leaders starting in new positions.  

Performance Management

Before engaging in any performance management, contact HR by email or by calling 602-827-2600

Information from the University HR Page:

Career Conversation Guide

Career Conversations are structured discussions between employees and their supervisors that are designed to support employee success through reflection, planning, problem-solving, and honest and constructive feedback.  Career Conversations begin when employees reflect on significant accomplishments, key strengths, and plans for the future.  Please follow the steps to complete Career Conversations with all of your direct reports on or before Friday, March 29, 2019.

1.    Supervisors, please forward the attached UA Career Conversation Template to the employees you manage.

2.     Employees should complete their portion of the Career Conversation form and return the form to their supervisors for comments.

3.    Supervisors will enter their comments onto the Career Conversation for, and then schedule a meeting to discuss.

4.    Both the employee and supervisor will sign the Career Conversation form. 

5.    The supervisor will scan and send the Career Conversation for all staff to  and for faculty to  on or before March 29, 2019.

The following are helpful tools and resources for completing Career Conversations:

Career Conversation PDF Guide

Career Conversation Form

Career Conversation For Managers PowerPoint

University of Arizona Performance Feedback FAQS

Additional information on the University of Arizona's best practices for performance management can be found at the Divison of Human Resources Website.