Leaving UA

Additional information can be found by visiting the UA-HR page: http://hr.arizona.edu/employees-affiliates/leaving-ua

Exit Interview Form

Please complete the form found at the link below if you are leaving the University. The PDF titled Leaving the UA provides additional information should you need it. 

Once you complete the form, please schedule a meeting with Human Resources as part of the leaving process. Email: COMPHX-HRservices@email.arizona.edu

Exit Interview Form

Steps for a Succesful Transition

Please use the "Leaving the UA" PDF below when preparing to leave the University, the info on the PDF will help you complete all the necessary steps for termination and ensure that you're transition is both smooth and timely. 

"Leaving the UA" PDF


Please reach out to the HR team to schedule an appointment to discuss your retirement:

Michelle Wilson - wilson1@email.arizona.edu