Health Benefits

Presentation Package

The PDF titled Benefits Presentation Package will show you the different prices for the various health plans. This is updated yearly to reflect new rates: Benefits Summary PDF

Provider Search

The University provides resources for helping you locate the right healthcare provider. To get started, visit the University benefits page section on provider info from the University's HR page and read the instructions under "Provider Search".

Flexible Spending Accounts

If you have selected a flexible spending account for your health plan, please note

that you MUST re-enroll every year.

In addition to our health plans, the university also works with Doctor On Demand.

Within minutes you can connect via video with a board certified physician.  They can diagnose, treat and even prescribe if necessary.

Issues that can be treated include:

o        Flu/Fever

o        Bronchitis & Sinus Infection

o        Urinary Tract Infections

o        Sore/Strep Throat

o        Skin & Eye Issues

o        Allergies

o        Cough/Cold

o        Diarrhea/Vomiting

o        Pharmacy Rx (no controlled substances)

Cost is the same as PCP office visit:  $15 or deductible (maximum $40 total) See a doctor from your mobile device or computer.  The app works with any device that has a front facing camera, and can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.  You can also go to In addition, you can download the DoctorOnDemand app through the app store.